A large number of organizations are choosing Bigcommerce platform for eCommerce web development. As you evaluate your choices, here’s our analysis to help you make an informed decision on how Bigcommerce fares as a platform and what are some of the advantages as well as disadvantages of adopting it.

3 Factors that make Bigcommerce a Great Platform for your Business

  • Bigcommerce is a fairly comprehensive platform. It has a great user interface and if you’ve used WordPress in the past, using this will be a cake walk. Their monthly package includes a set of tools and features that are practical, useful and very easy to use. Businesses can benefit from integration with email newsletters, create numerous product variations, design promotion/advertising campaigns, manage returns, view reports on store statistics, enable product reviews & wishlists, configure payment and shopping options etc. All these attributes set the stage for your business to succeed.
  • Social media channels are effectively leveraged. By using Bigcommerce development services, companies can incorporate social networks to help boost sales. Having your business listed on the most popular social network – Facebook has become a must-have. It is possible to setup an online store on Facebook and completely synchronize as well as integrate the store with Bigcommerce. It also possible to integrate a Bigcommerce store with Google Shopping, eBay and product comparison sites such as PriceGrabber, Shopping.com, Nextag and MySimon. By partnering and collaborating with all these third parties, using Bigcommerce can help you attract prospective customers and potentially increase sales in the long term. This especially useful for new companies who need to gain more overall traction in limited time frame.
  • Bigcommerce has an excellent App store that lets you use advanced tools to further enhance your online store. Many of these applications have been created by professional third party developers and include tools that aid in marketing, order management, live chat, shipping, analytics etc. These apps are a boon as your business expands in size. With them, you can further automate manual processes and promote your store more efficiently. A few of these apps are paid and some are free.

Although these advantages make Bigcommerce the platform of choice, it is also necessary to consider some of the cons of using it. There aren’t a large number of drawbacks but it is essential to acknowledge the few present.

  • The layout of the platform is not very easy to work with. Even if you have some understanding of HTML and CSS, it may not be simple to tweak the layout design. The way their code is stacked makes it slightly difficult to use HTML or CSS to make changes. However, with a little more practice, this problem can be resolved.
  • Additionally, creation of a home/main page can become a little tricky. For instance, if you need a landing page which does not display any products for sale, you may have to do some extra development work to get such a page up and running.

While these are not major disadvantages, pointing them out is a necessity so that you get the best bang for your buck once you decide to invest in Bigcommerce.